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Question: Where is it thought that the banjo originated?
Answer: The banjo was probably brought to the New World by enslaved Africans. Variations on the banjo are found worldwide.
Question: What was Buddy Holly’s backup band called?
Answer: With the Crickets, Buddy Holly was a pioneer of rock music. He died in a plane crash in 1959.
Question: Which of the following instruments does not employ valves to change pitch?
Answer: A standard trombone uses a slide to change pitch, although some trombonists can change pitch by changing the shape of their lips on the mouthpiece.
Question: What does the name "ukulele" mean in Hawaiian?
Answer: The name Ukulele means "jumping flea" in Hawaiian, a reference to the quick movements of the player’s fingers.
Question: Which of these is not a true horn?
Answer: The English horn is the tenor member of the double-reed woodwind family of instruments. A true horn is in the brass family.
Question: In Greek mythology, from what was the first lyre constructed?
Answer: In Greek legend, the lyre was discovered when Hermes brushed against a turtle shell and heard its sinews vibrate. He gave the new instrument to Apollo in restitution for having stolen the god’s cows.
Question: What was the name of the Who’s second rock opera?
Answer: The Who’s second rock opera, Quadrophenia, was released in 1973. It was written by guitarist Pete Townshend.
Question: Who was known as the "King of Swing"?
Answer: Jazz bandleader Benny Goodman was called "the King of Swing."
Question: Which of these musical movements did Ludwig van Beethoven help introduce?
Answer: The composer of some of the most influential pieces of music ever written, Ludwig van Beethoven created a bridge between the 18th-century Classical period and the beginnings of Romanticism.
Question: Which of these bands was led by a singer from Africa?
Answer: Freddy Mercury, the lead singer for the British rock band Queen, was born in Zanzibar, now part of the African nation of Tanzania.
Gong. Closeup of a khong wong gong circle chime. Thai classical musical instrument, part of piphat ensemble. (percussion, music)

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